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What difference can you expect by working with an independent, fee based consultant versus doing it yourself or working through just one investment company? 

Most of us acknowledge that turbulence exists throughout the financial markets.  Your financial objectives may call for less risk, but who is watching your back?  Financial complacency can be insidious and the cost of oversight may be high!  Have you covered all the bases?

What size nest egg will you need to retire?  What rate of return is necessary to maintain your desired lifestyle?  What investment strategy has the better opportunity available to provide your required return while minimizing risk? What distributions will you take?  What taxes will you pay? What might happen to changes in your health or increases in the cost of living?

Meanwhile, what should you be doing now?  The most common question I am asked by my clients is how they can reach their financial goals and what will be required to do so?  Are you willing to take responsibility for the outcome?  If so, how can you improve?

The advantage to an advisory relationship is the expertise available from years of professional experience.  Service is an important ingredient to those results, along with a commitment to your financial progress and well being.

As a client of mine, you become beneficiary to a powerful alliance with Kestra Financial.  Through our strategic relationship, we are able to access a comprehensive menu of wealth management solutions for the affluent, including brokerage services, more than 200 mutual fund families, separate accounts, alternative investments, top rated insurance carriers, and group benefits for small businesses.

As your consultant, my role is to provide you with quality advice and support evident with a well designed plan.  We simplify complex decisions and demonstrate our excellence by placing your needs first, based on trust and integrity.  To compliment our knowledge and experience, my firm may also work closely with your CPA or attorney in consideration of your plan.  

My firm serves those who pursue their financial objectives and a lifestyle dictated by their own terms.  Are you ready for the challenge?

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IV) Income Tax Planning

V) Wealth Conservation Strategies

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          b. Estate Transfer & Distribution

Products and Services

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VII) Fixed, Indexed*, and Variable* Annuity

VIII) Traditional, Universal, and Variable* Universal Life Insurance

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          b. Defined Benefit

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